I created a poem for this art work . This is my first time to publish a poem.  It's called  "The Firebird(火の鳥), the Phoenix." The spirit is square and the body is round" The spirit is square and the body is round. The spirit is white and the body is black. The spirit is the man, the body is the mother. The spirit, the woman who wears the clothes Seal off motherhood and don't give birth to a hundred year old White falcon of the spirit Black falcon of the body As the body descended into the spirit A golden phoenix was born. Firebirds flies through free space, in every direction. Imagination flies  beyond time and space Fantasize! and imagine! To imagine is to create. Now, you can play with your imagination. You, fly through free space,. And use your logical thinking skills. Build a spirit system. The phoenix has been a prisoner of beauty since it was born. I'm eager for beauty and the Pleasure of creation. Beauty is a breeding ground for all kinds of crime! See, I know you've got a craving for that  beautifl Madonna. See, I know you've got a craving for that mesmerizing Paris. A dissimilar union of all things. It,s the Play of Innovation Let's find the common law of black and white. Let's build a fantasy world that never existed on earth. Do you have any pleasure in your work and business? The powers t want the living blood of a firebird. It's because he wants to be immortal. But what the unconscious wants is  extacy of creation .