List of picuture on sale(online shop)

I sell a Giclee Printing of thease pictures.The size is A3 or A2.
These Giclee Printing was printed by canon ink jet pigment printer, PIXUS PRO 10S.

It is very beautiful and wonderful printing.
It is the vividness that can not comparable with the picture to watch with a display screen.
And Giclee Printing has the lightfastness of 200 years in everyday light.

【Order】Please order from this Order Form,or please put the "Order form" button of the screen top right corner.

【limitation】Every picture is limited to 100.
  In the same way as a lithograph and a etchings , it was written my "Sign" and "Serial Number".

【Printing Paper】
 Printing paper is two kinds.You can select it in order form.

 ・The first is the highest peak of the photograph paper of CANON『Canon PT-101 Photo Paper Pro Platinum 』.
  It has a beautiful gradation of the black ,and the color development of each color is splendid.
 ・The second is 『Canon Pro Luster LU-101』.
  LU-101 is the coated paper of the granular mask,and it has the high-class feeling absent in the existing polyester.


  • A3 : The framed printing is 293 US dollars,and no frame printing is 234 US dollars.
  • A2 : The framed printing is 195 US dollars,and no frame printing is 137 US dollars.
  • 【Time to arrival】I send this printing to the home for approximately two weeks.

    【Postage】 After you ordered it, I tell the postage and the total payment, the settlement page of paypal by an email within two days.

    【The method of payment】 The card settlement by paypal . Paypal payment page is here.

     Image ※You can see wide image to click every image. Titele
    Kyoto 1945 August 6 AM 8:14:59            『Kyoto 1945 August 6 AM 8:14:59 』
      『Oannesu threw me a ‘MUSIC  BOOK’in an irritable manner』 『Oannesu threw me a ‘MUSIC  BOOK’in an irritable manner 』


    『International Financial Capital Eager For War』
    『Praising Leonardo da Vinci 2 』
    『In rainy town (雨の街を Ameno machiwo) 』 
    Myohorenge-kyo Sutra  
    『Papilio dehaanii 』
    『Swallowtail butterfly 』
    『The near-death experience in “the autobiography” of Jung 』  
    『Last emperor 』