traditional Japanese paper 和紙I am producing and selling giclee prints, and today I would like to explain about the paper on which they are printed.

I print my giclee prints up to A3 size on a Canon Pixus Pro10s pigment printer.

For larger prints, I outsource them to printers such as GRAPHIC CORPORATION Japan.

I tried using the following papers to print with the Pixus Pro10s.

Even if it is Japanese paper, only paper with a special coating for inkjet printers can be used

traditional Japanese paper sample

Actually, Wasi(和紙 Japanese Traditional Paper),I can also be used as a paper for giclee prints.

However, it is not possible to use washi as it is, such as cloud skin linen paper or torinoko paper(鳥の子紙) used in Japanese painting.

Although they can be printed on, the result is poor and the fibers may cling to the important head of printer, damaging it.

Therefore, unless the washi is specially coated for inkjet printers like "Awa Paper Washi", it cannot be used in reality.

As shown in the photo on the right, I ordered samples of this type of washi and tried them out, but the one that best suited my style was "Take washi(竹の和紙)", which uses bamboo and has a silky feel and is more durable than cotton paper.

It has a silky feel and a softer finish than cotton paper.

I've tried every single piece of art paper developed for the Canon Pixus Pro10s!

The next paper I tried was, of course, the art paper developed for Canon Pixus Pro10s.

This, of course, is also divided into three major categories: "glossy paper, slightly glossy paper, and non-glossy (matte) paper.

I finally chose two types of paper among them.

  1. Canon Photo Paper Pro Platinum PT-201
  2. Canon LU-101 Luster Series Photo Paper Pro 

In the end, I am currently using only the latter, "Canon LU-101 Luster Series Photo Paper Pro".

The reason for this is that the former has excellent color reproduction, but the glossy surface gives the impression that the work has been printed.

Luster, on the other hand, has a paper texture that looks as if numerous small holes have been added to the surface of the paper, which gives it a slightly retro look and a high level of elegance.

The finish and texture of this paper is head and shoulders above the rest! .
my giclee print

This photo is the real thing. As with all paintings and prints, there is no other way to explain it than to see it in person, and it has an amazingly luxurious feel to it. (Click on the image to see a larger version.)

In addition, the accurate and beautiful black tones and amazing color reproducibility inherent in the Pixus Pro10s makes us believe that this is not just a print, but truly a print art work.

For this reason, although Giclee prints are printed by a printer, in the case of my works, perhaps because of the character of the real thing, there are many people who buy them as gifts for their loved ones, sons and daughters, and other young people in the hope that they will hang them on their walls and look at them every day to learn about deep thought and human psychology. There are many people who buy them as gifts.

Therefore, I hope you will purchase my giclee prints, which also have asset value, preferably with frames.

One person's impression of printing on art paper developed for the CANON Pixus Pro10s! strong>!

Canon Canon LU-101 Luster Series A4 Photo Paper Pro

At first glance, it looks similar to the rough photographic paper (silk?) of old. At first glance, it is similar to the old rough photographic paper (silk grain?). The surface is fine-grained and glossy.
The gloss is of a different quality than the above two types, and has a relatively quiet and controlled feel to it.

Because of the calm gloss, there doesn't seem to be much difference in appearance depending on the light.
It may be a paper with low environmental dependency.

The result of the print... It has an atmosphere... ^^v It's kind of classical and gorgeous. It has a classical and gorgeous feeling.

The glossy look may not be suitable for night scenes or stars.

If you use it for old cityscapes or works with a calm atmosphere, it will add to the atmosphere! Personally, I love this paper^^p

It is my personal favorite paper ^^p Still, the atmosphere can be changed so much by the paper.