Realizing the Musical State of Paintings Discovering the Common Law of Translating Music into Paintings

Relations of the abstract painting and music

Paul Klee 『fugue of red』

fuga of redWhat is the purpose of abstract painting which was begun by Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee ,It is to realize a music state of the picture.

American exponent of abstract expressionism was begun as was leading theoretical teacher,In a black mountain college of New York after World War II. Josef albers was a co-worker of Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee at the Bauhaus in German. He was drawing a geometric picture such as the constructionism. Therefore United States abstract expressionist painter came to think by mistake that essence of the pictures is to push forward complanation more.

However, it was to let a color and a point, a line, an aspect loose from the limitation of the concrete object as Kandinski did it. And it was to use it freely in total for the purpose of a color. It may be said that they have started from branch abstraction expression of constructionism Bauhaus.

Before Kandinsky , Odilon Redon respected by painters of Nabis Our Mallarme blessed with talent of music" proposed a concept called "The suggestive art". Redon thought Mona Lisa as a monumental achievement of the suggestive art. It is because Mona Lisa excited imagination and the idea and fantasy of a lot of people until today . It may be said that the suggestive art is a pioneer of a 'MUSIC PICTURE'.