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I succeeded in expressing rhythm, melody, musical scale, dominant note by a picture

DEEPL imge
This is historical big innovation of the art. I am using this theory with my recent pictures.

I explain an outline and the point of this theory in order that I consider it in this page.
As it is so I did not open the most important numeric expression .

How can we express an musical scale into a picture?

It is the first question.
In the scale , as the tone rises a frequency becomes high.

And Wassily Kandinskiy said “The hard notes of the trumpet reminds me an gold and metallic sound. I think so, too.
I feel that the tone of each musical instrument suggests a specific color.

Then the scale of trumpet will become like this picture.
However, we have no way to explanation occurs to us in this method.

If the level of light and shade correspond to the solfa syllables: do, re, mi, fa, the difference of keynote will be the level light and shade , the starting point ofa certain color.

It becomes the yellow Chinese Ink brush painting(水墨画 suibokuga) when I translate the solo performance of the trumpet in a picture.
But ,is it true?

If you correspond the music scale to Spectrum of the light

If you correspond it in order of the frequency height can’t we explain it.

In this way “do”=C is red ,”le”=D is orange.

We could explain a dominant note in this time

C major scale is a red picture as a whole. D minor scale is a dark orang picture.

Now we can explain the emotion of keynote, The major key becomes a bright picture , the screen that the minor key was a little dark.

But ,we have a questions
E is yellow ,but the tone of trumpet is yellow.

Why we solve this problem. As a result I could solve it very easy when I produced my picture.

Is a music tone scale correspond in order of the frequency height

As a result if we correspond tone to color in order of it.
If we translate score in a picture, we get the result that is not so good

But I corresponded tone and color by another law, take the length of the note into account,I get the concrete view that the music suggested clearly like this picture .

This picture translated the music score of The Last Emperor written by Ryuichi Sakamoto(坂本龍一) into a picture using this law.
The movies are set in China at the age of Manchukuo, the forum was appeared like the Guilin(桂林) and the Great Wall of China(万里の頂上).

This can happen without an exception in any public music by all means.
It always become the same result without exception in any public music .
Because public music is tonal music.

京都慕情 画像

The common sense is that the music is abstract ,but tonal music and the popular music is corresponding to a representational painting

If Masayoshi Takanaka(高中正義)’s song , “Beach serenade”(渚セレナーデ) is a view of toropical beach, ”The ventures’s song “The longing of Kyoto”(京都慕情) is a view of th e Moutain Arashiyama(嵐山) and Higashiyama (東山)of Kyoto City.
This picture is using this theory.

 We must understand this fact very exactly.The music is concreteness not an abstract thing.

How can we translate the rhythm?

It will be very easy.

Picture A is a composition like Mona Lisa, it has only one sound.

Picture B there are some parts on the screen, and part is moveing for right , therefore a simple rhythm was realized

If you understand this ,you will create more complicated rhythm like the picture “Sailfish”

The relation of music and the poetry and about Composition method of the music precedence

picture of Ryuzaburo umehara  The relation of music and the poetry and about Composition method of the music precedence.

There are two methods of popular music composition .

The first is melody precedence,and second is poetry precedence

Now all most popular music was produced by music precedence in japan.

We can put any poems on one melody, we were thinking that music and poetry have no necessary relations.

But the song such as the yesterday of Paul McCartney can hear what poetry and music is best much wonderfully.

The reason is that he feel the picture include that melody ,he changes it to words.

Therefore painter will be able to write poetry and change to an picture and musician will be able to create an picture by music score and poetry.

Like Picasso at the age of cubism , he draw one piece of line ,and begin to thinking what is the meaning of this line .

He was going to look for a certain image in the depths psychology.

This method is very close the melody precedence.

Finally Ryuzaburo Umehara’s(梅原龍三郎) painting "Mount Fuji"(富士山 Picture H & the upper-right picture) has a chord progression according to the law that I explained as above.
It is the canon chord progression .
Canon cord is the most popular cord in popular music.