The longer you live, the more shame you suffer  photo This title is the words that was wittren into the book of Chuang-tzu who is a Chinese philosopher,
There is a person like a 'Kikaider' in front of an operating table. Where is the scenery of the window.
It is Mars.
※'Kikaider' is a japanese hiro of the special photographing TV program of the Shotaro Ishimori original.
Kikaider Wikipedia
The key reading and understanding this picture is an thought of Peter Andreas Thiel , who is the first investor of Facebook and the founder of Paypal.
He said "the aim of my life is conquest of the death".
Thiel is a friend and associate partner of paypal with Elon Reeve Musk .
He is the CEO of Sapce X(Space Exploration Technologies Corp),SpaceX promotes a Mars emigration plan.