I could not secure enough time to produce a picture by Lehman's fall.

I promised Mr. Yamamoto that I produce some pastel pictures and show him the photograph of them.
But I cannot secure time to produce a work.

oanese photo At 2016 I could finally breathe again, I begun to produce a picture
I decided to become an professional painter. and must have income by painting picture just before 60 years old .

Therefore in a short amount of time , I produced some paintings and I went to Tokyo gallery to contract with it .

In those days , I discovered an existing common scientific law between music and pictures by a longtime study at last .
This epoch‐making discovery is the first time in the world.

I applied myself to the study of popular music.

When I produce an art work ,I am using this scientific law.

Its painting is a series of art works on this homepage

I showed only him and his brother Yukito Tabata(田畑幸人) treatise that the theory was explained , and he said “it was right and an epoch-making discovery in the history of fine art.”

◆If this discovery is in medicine and physics, I certainly will win the Nobel Prize