Before I enter Otaru University of Commerce ,I lost my way . Should I continue study for the entrance examination or enter the university of commerce.

I was consulted an fortuneteller about my course.
His name is Seihou Saitou(斎藤聖峰).He is a very famous fortuneteller , he has a regular TV and Radio program in Hokkaido Japan.
(The right book is his book. Title is "The Mystery of the affinity")

He said
You have a good fortune ,you will have two occupations, and two families.
You have an excellent fine art talent and business sense
I advice you to enter the university of commerce, and learn fine art both at the same time.

You will become a entrepreneur when you were middle-aged. And you will be able to success.
Therefore you should study management such as the accounting and marketing.
And you will be recognized your wonderful talent of art
Your two occupations rather give good influence for each other".

photo seiho saitoHis prophecy almost all came true in my later years .

Because I was hoping to enter an medical college ,I could not interested in finance company and trading company before entrance to school
So I was worried about my future course ,I decided to aim at an painter for one year after all and I begun to study painting and fine art.

For the study of art, I read many thousands of technical books,such as Jungian psychology, the Western history of art more than making a painting.

After graduation of university I became high school teacher and continued the study of art.

I continued the study of the picture in detail while working as a high school teacher after graduation from university.

Thereafter, I change my job to a teacher of programing school , and thereafter , I started an cram school after regular school for elementary and junior high schoolers at 35 years old just as fortuneteller’s fortune.

I aimed at the painter in earnest from here.