The longer you live, the more shame you suffer  It is a picture completed on December 8, 2018
Because I used the common law of the picture and music that I discovered this time.
 This is finished a art work that you can feel rhythmical and melodious emotion in a similar way when you listened to music.
 This time I realized Music state of the picture that “京都慕情=The Kyoto affection” which is a hit song in Japan 1970 .
 京都慕情=The Kyoto affection” was composed by The Ventures.
Aren’t you taken by the feeling that you are listening “The Kyoto affection” when you watch this picture.
 In other words ,this picture is the art work which succeeded in integrating music and picture for the first time in the world.
 By the way, this title is one second ago of the atomic bombing of Hiroshim