Core of the art is a deep impression experience.

Ryuzaburiu Umehara  printing   Sakurajima blueSince Marcel Duchamp, the contemporary art aroused that peple think more freely ,but it did not necessarily give you an deep impression. But I am sure taht core of the art is a deep impression experience.

The meaning of "art" of this case will be that "The wonderful and virtuoso and mooving performance supported by very severe training ". In other words it is an impression experience. The impression experience is made from the heart that the author is impressed by many things and his impression experience .

This play is a same meaning as the play that Roger Caillois defined. Play is born from unification of Saint and Wordly,and expressed selves ="whole characteristics of the mind" Saint is intelligence and spirituality, space, air, masculine gender.Wordly is Business and the body, material, motherhood.

※Selves is the idea difined by Carl Gustav Jung.

It is the same meaning that Carl Gustav Jung said "The person must feel charm for body and soul". Deep impression experience is the best experience that a human being can obtain in the life, and tell you the aim of the life clearly?