【About My Resume Introduction】 How a genius boy of painting was recognized as a "world-class talent" by Japan's leading contemporary art dealer.

 my portlate when 1 was high schoolHow did a natural-born "genius boy of painting" come to be regarded by the dealer of Japan's first contemporary art gallery as "a talent comparable to Takashi Murakami(村上隆)"?
 This is the story of how he eventually became a professional painter,overcomes the adolescent barrier of "A prodigy at ten, a clever young man at fifteen, and a mediocrity after twenty"
 In his school years, he aspired to be an an excellent brain surgeon.
 He was constantly encouraged to become a painter by his art teacher in elementary and middle school.
 Eventually, an art dealer at Japan's oldest contemporary art gallery said to him, "You have a talent comparable to Takashi Murakami(村上隆)
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